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I'm bored & I have tons of energy, so heres a pointless survey.

name: Kelli

what time is it: 3:04pm

something important on your desk: my Jimi Hendrix box set

when you sleep you wear: t-shirt & pj pants

if you could afford it at the moment, you would buy: a new computer & tons of clothes

something you don't have a lot of: sleep, patience, time

if your house was burning and you could only save three items, they would be: as much clothing as i could possibly get, my cameras, & my computer, duh


if there were no side effects, you would enjoy being addicted to: alcohol & painkillers

a time when you purposely hurt someone emotionally: i don't really know... i'm sure i have

a time you accidentally hurt someone emotionally: i don't know, probably these past few days

one person you have killed in your thoughts: don't want to name them here! :)


three traits you look for in a friend: honesty, trustworthiness, & the ability to just be yourself

who makes you laugh most often: haha i think i probably laugh with Sam & Megan the most

a friend whom you can tell anything: my mom

a friend you can go to for advice? my awesome mom, duh

the best piece of advice you have been given: "chill out" my mom tells me this all the time. it's so simple but it really means a lot. sometimes you just need to chill the hell out.

two closest friends: Megan & Michael

the friend who uses the most of your energy: Megan geez she's always runnin' this fat kid somewhere


your three best qualities: honest, trusworthiness, &... i dunno man

your three worst qualities: i can be really brutally honest sometimes, procrastination, i can be controlling

describe your ideal self: not being so controlling, learning when to shut my mouth, not putting things off til the last minute

a compliment that makes you blush: when people tell me i'm smart, or when they tell me i'm a talented photographer. those are two very important things to me, & i appreciate getting compliments on them.

you are embarrassed when: i don't know, i don't get embarrassed easily

the greatest physical pain you ever endured: holy crap getting freaking E-coli & VIIIOOOLLLLEENNNTTLLYYY throwing my guts up... my god i've never been in so much pain. i couldn't breathe.

the greatest emotional pain you ever endured: losing a friend

moment you are most ashamed of: when i realize i'm being immature... i hate immature people & i don't want people to see me that way.

your best physical feature: eyes, legs... my calf muscles could kick your calf muscles' ass any day.

who or what makes you happy: being at the beach, being surrounded by people i love.

who or what makes you sad: losing people i love, ignorance


emotion you hide most: when my feelings are hurt

emotion you tend to experience most: i'm usually annoyed every single day

emotion you are feeling most lately: optimism, for once... & i've been on the verge of tears a lot lately, but i don't know... i'm not sad or anything, just emotional... geez

you have a huge amount of guilt regarding: saying things i didn't mean when i was angry

when you are angry you need: sleep, or to go somewhere & cry really hard (i rarely cry though)

when you are sentimental you need: to laugh

when you are in love, you need: someone to love me back, duh


one of your most peaceful memories: sitting on the beach at night, listening to music & taking everything in

one of your most tragic memories: the night of october 19, 2003, of course

one of your angriest memories: there are sooo many

a memory that makes you laugh: mine & Megan's trip to Hickory, good times at the beach

a memory that makes you happy: freshman year... the best year EVER


something someone can say or do that you find extremely attractive: i have no idea

something someone can say or do that you find unattractive: when people won't stop talking about themselves

two things appealing about people: intelligent & respectful

a personality trait you find appealing: honesty

your secret passion: break-dancing... pssht i don't know!

what you enjoy most about having a committed relationship: knowing that you have someone there for you, no matter what.

do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? if yes, who: nah

what do you find sexy about them: shut up, queer bait

a place where you want to have sex: in the bathroom at a Texaco... i don't know, geez

a strange place where you have had sex: i ain't never had none of that sex stuff

what drives you crazy (in a good way) about this person: stooopppp

what music is on when you have sex, or is it the tv: dude shut up

favorite song to have sex to: i'll cut you

describe your mate physically: i'm serious dude, i'll cut you

describe your mate's personality: *cuts*

you feel most attractive when: ehh, i don't know

favorite thing you like to see your mate wear (clothing wise, don't say naked): *cuts again*

what would you like your mate to do more of: *cuts once more*


if you had more time alone you would: read & draw

if you had more patience you would: read, write, draw, make clothes

if you could change one thing about your physical appearance what would it be: i would definitely make my torso shorter.

if you had no committments what would you be doing: sleeping, playing piano

if you could have one super power what would it be: either invisibility or the ability to fly

if you could start all over...: i would do SO many things different... i have so many regrets

Yes I'm sure you all care.

So the place I placed an order for my prom dress said they called the store to actually order the dress, & they didn't have it. Soooo now I have to go shopping all over again for a new dress. Ew thank goodness this is the last year I have to do this. It better be worth it.

I've had so much freaking energy lately, it's insane. It's all catching up to me now... I need nap time.

Things are going really good I suppose. Thursday I should get the results of my urine test thingy, & I'll know for sure what's wrong with me. I'm so glad. My grades have been really decent this semester, I've been happy & optimistic... good stuff, folks. I just wish stupid people would go away. When women are pregnant, there should be a device to detect annoying-ness, then shoot the baby or something.

That's right, I like to shoot babies. Deal with it. KIDDING DUHZ, GEE.

Ugh I suppose since I have nothing to say, I'll go take a nap. Later bitches.



I got my earrings in the mail today. Aren't they adorable?! :)
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