kelli. (__liarsandfakes) wrote,

Dad & Tina are already looking for condos to book for the beach this summer. Ohmygod, I'm excited. I cannot express in words how badly I want this summer to be here right now. I'm never half as happy here as I am when I'm sitting on the beach at night, listening to music & looking out into the endless ocean. Goodness... Life is good.

I got my report card yesterday. 3 Cs & a B! Hell yeah man. I haven't made grades like that since sophomore year. Sad, I know. & OMFG I GOT MY BED YESTERDAY!!!

you all may think I'm dumb for getting excited over a bed, but ohmygod I've been sleeping on 2 futon mattresses on the floor for a year & a half, so this is awesome. Ahhh, so awesome. It's like, 9238479238 feet off the ground. It's cool though, because I get to take a running jump into it, haha.

I love this guinea pig. Too bad she doesn't love me back.

Look at that face. How disgustingly adorable is that. I need to buy her a new cage though...

Later bitches.
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