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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Red hair is a hair color shared by several species, among them humans, orangutans and horses. Although red hair in the human population is most commonly associated with those of British or Irish descent, dark red or reddish-tinged hair can be found in many parts of the world—for instance, to a small degree, in Korea and Japan. Some believe that the cluster of red-heads in the British Isles can be associated with Pictish or Celtic ancestry and certainly Scotland has the highest proportion of red-heads of any country worldwide with 13% of the population having red hair.

It is estimated that between 2% and 5% of the United States population have red hair.

Huh, ain't that somethin'? I feel special :)

Anyways, I bought a bed yesterday. I should get it delivered Monday. I can't waaaaait. I'm really tired of sleeping on two futon mattresses, it feels like I'm sleeping on potato sacks. & I should also be getting a new cell phone next weekend. I'm so freakin' excited.

This week has been good. At first I thought I was getting the flu because my whole body was achey & I felt like crap, but it wasn't, thank god. Classes have been really bearable so far, & I'm so glad for that. Last semester I felt like I always had pressure on me. It feels nice to kinda take it easy. This year has flown by so fast. I can't believe it's already almost February. I haven't even filled out any applications for college yet. I really want to go to WVU in Parkersburg, but I don't know if that will happen. Basically, where I go to college depends on my mom & dad's future plans. If mom moves to Parkersburg before I graduate, like during the summer, then I can go to WVUP & live with her & Skip. If not, then I'll have to stay here for a while longer & go to Tech, which I really don't want to do. I would love to just go to college & live on campus, but its way too expensive. Gosh, I wish things weren't so complicated... & expensive. Technically, I don't even HAVE to go college to go into the profession that I want, which is photography. It's pretty much based on talent, much like the acting & singing business, which sucks really bad. I'm not nearly as good as I want to be right now. I need to get my ass out & start getting serious about photography. Geez...

In a perfect world, everything would be like a Harry Potter book. I could just be all "Expecto Patronum" & everything would be cool again. Ugh.

EDIT: I found some pictures of stuff from when I went to Boomer Christian Academy

a form they sent to my parents when they paddled me with a table tennis paddle

the books we worked in, called paces... I hate those stupid things to this day


I made good grades back then, whores

that school did irreparable psychological damage to everyone that went to it, including my brother & I. the people there are so pathetic.

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