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School went suprisingly well today. Today was the first day since November that I participated in gym. It almost killed me, but man it felt good. I'm so good I can actually work out now. I forgot how good it feels.

I don't think Chemistry is kicking my ass half as bad now. I have everything turned in & I'm keeping up with all my work. English looks good too. Our final for Communications is a speech, so that isn't too bad. I actually can't wait til finals because I'm tired of the classes now. I definitely need a change.

Things are good, bitches... things are good.

PS} I lost the X-Mas cards I was gonna send to the people who wanted them, so you'll probably get them really late, or you'll get V-Day cards :)

I feel slightly retarded today.

Oh yeah, & I got my ACT scores back. I got a 21. I know I can do way better.

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