March 11th, 2005

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So I went to the doctor today to see what this stupid, itchy, burning rash was & he told me it was shingles. Shingles... what the hell? I thought only old people get that. I guess I really do have an insanely weak immune system. Just another thing to add to my growing lists of medications & health problems. I have to take this stupid pill 5 times a day. Man... not cool.

But whateva, I'm in Parkersburg this weekend. We're going to Blennerhassett Island, prom dress shopping, & possibly to see Katy & Jess, so I'm excited.

I'm trying out for the play at school, The Tempest. I've never had to memorize more than 3 lines before, so I'm hoping I don't suck too bad.

You know who is the almighty music god? Mike Patton. That man is a genius. Don't comment to disagree with me or I'll rip your genitals off... Sucka.

Ugh I really need some sleep.