February 9th, 2005

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Today is a very weird day.

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Right now, I'm sitting here watching the episode of Upright Citizens Brigade where the one dude has a baby on his head & he tries to drown it in a glass of water. God, so freaking funny. Anyways, we didn't have school today because of bomb threats or something. Big deal... I hope they blow the damn thing up.

So last night I worked out for the first time since September. Everything was going alright til after I finished & I was stretching. I felt SO sick on the way home. Then when I got home, I got really nauseous & just had to lay down. I got scared so I called mom & told her, then asked if I could come stay with her, but ended up feeling better so I stayed home. I felt fine for a few hours then I started getting REALLY sick to my stomach again. Bleh. It was miserable. I guess I just worked myself too hard too soon. My legs are sore as hell now. Oh well...

I made a kick ass CD last name. It has Primus's "Frizzle Fry" which I discovered thanks to my beautiful friend David Garfield Williams. It also has a bunch of stuff on it that the fabulously queer Fatt Donut recommended. Good shit.

God, today is such a boring day.

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