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Since someone showed my dad my LJ, & apparently I trash talk people & I worship satan, I'm not going to be using this journal anymore
To the asshole who showed my dad my LJ, thanks a lot. You can go to hell.

I'll comment in your journals with my new name to let you guys know it's me.



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Today we got our senior stuff. Our cap & gown, our t-shirt, our memory books, & whatever else we ordered. This is crazy. I can't wait til it's all over. Less than a month left :)

We get report cards soon. I know I have 3 Bs & an A. Best grades I've had in a LONG time, cause I'm awesome.

Also, I found my dream pet

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Man I'm tired. Gimme some comments, hoez.

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Michael & I actually got to hang out today. We went to the mall & chilled there til it closed because we're losers, then we drove to Cathedral Falls & took pretty pictures.

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They're kind of out of order & I didn't bother going through & taking out the bad ones, so yeah. They're kind of repetitive I know, but oh well.


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I swear to god, Robot Chicken is the best show ever.

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Oh dude what the hell. Mitch Hedberg died.

I now have no purpose in life. This really sucks beyond belief.

& the Pope may have to get a feeding tube. Hope they don't pull a Terry Schaivo.

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I have honestly lost all hope for everyone. Every time have faith in people I am always let down. So what's the point? I used to think giving someone the benifit of the doubt might be worth it, but now I know its not.

People are changing lately, & not for the better. Yes, I know everyone changes, but these changes are fast & significant, almost like they shouldn't have taken place. It's pretty much people just trying to be something they're not, or giving into something they once detested, which makes no sense. I'm finding out a lot of stuff about people that I never DREAMED would be the way they lived, but apparently its true... so weird & disappointing.

I've also noticed that I'm becoming bitter. I'm always angry, & I'm always talking about how something is pissing me off. I don't want to be that person. I KNOW those kinds of people, & I cannot see myself being one of them. I certainly do not want to be one of those people that I myself look at now & think "why are they so angry? whats the point?"

I'm not saying I'm perfect in any way, but people just disappoint me so much lately. Its almost gotten to the point where I just want to stay inside all day so I won't have to associate with them. I don't want that to happen.

& I hope I don't have to make anymore entries like this.
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I think I just died a little.

My life is definitely over :(


"The Jesus tattoo on my hand keeps me from masturbating"
-former Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch

How stupid can people get?

P.S.Everyone do yourself a favor & go download "Unwashed & Somewhat Slightly Dazed" by David Bowie. It is one of my absolute FAVORITE songs & I want everyone to know about it. Go, now!!!

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Wanna hear something funny?

My brother was supposed to pick me up from school today at 2pm, right? Well he didn't. I was at the school til just a few minutes ago when Mrs. Bowling offered me a ride. My appointment was at 3:30pm in Charleston, so mom had to cancel & reschedule which will cost my dad $50 dollars because we didn't give 24 hrs. notice.

None of this would have happened if dad would just take off a day to take me to the doctor. He never takes off to take me to the doctor, its always someone else & sometimes I feel like such a burden to people because they're always hauling my ass around.

I haven't seen my therapist since January 4th. You can't begin to imagine how crazy I'm going.

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Hey it'd be really cool if you guys did this for me... word.

[3 Bands I Should Know About:]
[One Interesting Thing About You:]
[A Picture Of Yourself:]

Come on, you know you want to.
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Why do people want UGLY ASS HAIR CUTS like this one? Ugh I wouldn't be caught dead with that shit on my head.

Anyshit, I bought a prom dress today. It's gorgeous.

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Isn't it beautiful? It's seriously perfect. Ahh it's the only thing that's made me excited for prom.

I spent $45 dollars today at Bath & Body Works. Ugh I feel like a cheap whore. Eh, at least I smell good.

Later bitches.
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