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[ April
30 ]
I never have any of my own food. Never. It makes me a bit sad. I would love to make my own food. Next year! NEXT YEAR I CAN MAKE MY OWN FOOD! I'm going to make delicious chicken salad and everyone's going to be like. "Sam. You make the best chicken salad." And I'll be like. 'Oh, I know. It's my mom's recipe. She knows her shit."


So since I never have my own fridge, I usually have an open refrigerator. And my friends keep food in it. And they always forget that they have food in it.

And I eat it. Because it tastes good.

[ April
16 ]
I'm totally living in Minneapolis next year. In a house.

The lease was signed an hour ago.

[ April
8 ]
Holy shit.

Easter is coming up, and I am so excited. For candy.

I mean, there's the whole thing that I have to go to church, have to go home for a weekend, and all that stuff that isn't all that great, but I mean.


[ April
4 ]
It came!

..At least, that's what she said.

[ April
3 ]
All I want in my life is for my Gamecube adapter to come so I can play melee.

I am so bored.

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