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20 November
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tell me you love me. tell me you miss me. tell me you want me. excite me. dazzle me. delight me. bring me to my knees. tell me there is no other woman in the world like me.

*__L A U R E N
nineteen; italian; mom to emily;
straight; single; open-minded;
real; bitch when needed; nice once earned;
hated by many; loved by most;
stand up for my opinions; individual;
stylish; crazy; loves to have fun;
gives advice; sings in the shower; loves to dance;
music is my life; procrastinator; insomniac;
tolerant of most people; understanding;
easygoing; up for anything; spontaneous;

My daughter is my WORLD, my LIFE
Emily Grace

abortion rights, active, activism, adriana lima, amigas, amor, anti circumcision, anti ignorance, anti racism, anti spanking, apple martinis, attachment parenting, autumn, babies, beach, beaches, beantown, beautiful, beauty, bebe, beer, being a mom, being naked, belly dancing, best, bikini, bikini butt, bisexuality, black and white photography, body image, body modifications, boston, brasil, brasileira, breastfeeding, breeders, bulimia, cameras, cardio, carnaval, christian dior, city scene, clubbing, cooking, corsets, counting, dancing, dancing till dawn, depression, diesel jeans, diet coke, digital cameras, digital photography, dior, discipline, dolce & gabbana, eating disorders, empowerment, equal rights, exercising, express, fashion, fat, feminism, feminists, fit, forever 21, friends, futebol, giorgio armani, girlmom, girls night out, gisele bundchen, gym, happiness, happy, havana nights dirty dancing, healthiness, incubus, joao pessoa, kissing, laughing, liberals, liberation, life, lingerie, lip gloss, losing weight, make-up, makeup, making cds, making love, mamas, marilyn monroe, modeling, models, morenas, motivation, movies, new york, new york city, parenting, perfection, photography, pictures, piercings, pilates, poetry, politics, pregnant bellies, pro-choice, pure, radical feminism, really good sex, rio, rock, rock & republic, romance, running, samba, self-improvement, sephora, seth cohen, sex, sex and the city, sexuality, shopping, skirts, soccer, stilletos, storms, sublime, supermodels, swimming, tattoos, the mall, urban decay, versace, victoria's secret, victorias secret, waitressing, warm fresh laundry, women's issues, women's rights, working, working out, yoga