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Movies w/ matt tonight. Stoked. :)
Going to rebeccas after she gets out of school.
She's gonna help me find somthing to wear. Altho, I have NOTHING. like literally.
I have butterflies basically..
I dont know if theres bad snow on the pass, and if there is, I donno if michelle is gonna make it here...
Well ma inly because of news reports, I just checked the website http://wsdot.wa.gov/traffic/passes/snoqualmie/
And so far its just rain. Or it looks like just rain. :)

Now I just have to know what time she'll be getting in. :P

Oookay, so yeah im tired. and Im thinkin im gonna go take a nap til 4 when i have to go to rebeccas.


Re-downloading paint shop pro, so i can start doing graphics work again. :)
Should be fun.



So as im sitting here thinking about everything that has gone on in the past year or two, I've gone over every memory at least once, I've finally come to the conclusion.. my life is boring.. I thought it was a bit exciting.. But ITS NOT. Everything I do, takes no real effort. Its not somthing that anyone else can't do... My life in plain, bland, and far from indecent. So..... why do my parents bitch that my life is way too effin crazy, that I'm a freak or.. anything of that sort? I mean come on!!! I DO NOTHING... I go to school, I come home, I sleep... I do it all again.. Yeah not much more than that on the agenda, oi!
I mean come on... the only added thing that might come in is a job.. Going to an occasional show, but not much more than that. EVERYTHING IS ALL SLOW.. Lame... Somthing of the sort..

Someone get somthing exciting for my life???? pLEASE.. <3
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I suppose i overreact ALOT.
but.. maybe im supposed to.

ive been drinking for the plast HR.
and... im talkin to someone.. and ive relized.
I think I am i.f..sdfdsjafd NEVERMIND.

I am going to go tah bed in af ew.
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Im driving myself up the wall,
like its all crazy.

Does he really like me..
or does he just want to screw me?

Does he want me around,
or do i annoy him?


why do i feel like im like... dsakfejafkleaghelwajfkdsaklfjewiagaj
why do i feel like a peice of shit.

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Ok so..

Michelle will be here in an hr..
and im uber excited :D
yep yep i am

tommorows gonna be super fantastic


I get to spend the day with Jose, thats a bonus :D


I don't know what else to say anything about... like... school this week sucked and went by slowly..

freaks and geeks was watched again today, im gonna see if i can borrow that seires when we're done. :D

ITS GOOD and... Everyone needs to see it.. :D

yeah thats about it!!

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