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Writer's Block: I'm in love with my car

If you could have any car in the world, what would it be?

A blue 1976 Caprice Classic hardtop. Specifically my blue 1976 Caprice Classic hardtop.

Technically it's a car I still have, but she's not in use right now and I don't know if she ever will be again. The Blue Beast AKA the Hot Yacht AKA the '76. My grandparents bought it new and my dad bought it off of them when he and my mom got married. Eventually they stored it away in a barn but brought it out and had it restored somewhat and it was turned over to me when I first started driving. It's got sentimental value and family history.

Originally I was terrified of the car. It's a freaking boat and maneuvering it took some getting used to. She also had quirks that I had to learn. Once I did I grew to love that car and even the problems that came with it. It saw me through my senior year of high school and all of college.

As time went on she continued to accumulate problems but ultimately she was to expensive to feed. I ended up buying my dad's car from him when he upgraded and the '76 was put out to pasture. Ideally she would have been stored in the barn but that was full at the time so she is parked next to it and has been for several years. It breaks my heart to see her rusting away like that. Seriously, I almost cry when I see her. The love I have for that car is like that of a pet. I'm actually tearing up now, I really miss that car.

One day I would like to see her restored but if I ever do have that kind of money to sink into a project it won't be for a while. Most of the deterioration is cosmetic she's rusting in places and the vinyl has all but peeled off of the roof. I'd wager that the wiring is shot, under the hood is probably a literal rat's nest. At least the engine should be in good shape. Of all the problems I had, none of them were ever engine related. As cliche as it sounds, they really don't build them like they used to.

So long story wandered off into nostalgic rambling but eventually cut short and restated, I would have *my* (accept no substitutes) 1976 Caprice Classic restored to her former glory.

Although to really enjoy it I'd need a doubling in salary just to afford the fuel. Great car, horrible gas mileage.

Writer's Block: Forget me not

What is your earliest vivid memory? Why do you think this memory stands out so much in your mind?

Visiting my mother in the hospital after my little brother was born. I was just over 2 years old. I remember climbing into the hospital bed with my mom and pushing buttons on the bed, one of which summoned a nurse. I don't actually remember seeing my newborn brother, apparently pressing buttons on a hospital bed stuck more in my 2 year old brain than meeting him for the first time (yay buttons!).

I also remember wandering out of mom's room, down the hall, and ending up in an office/call center part of the hospital but I was told that didn't happen.

I can *almost* remember going to the nursery to look in at all of the babies with my dad and *maybe* my mom holding Pat for a while but I think those might be fabricated memories from hearing a story of the days events.
demon furby

Writer's Block: Marital license

Do you think a marriage license should have a renewal or expiration date, just like a driver's license?

Um, what? Just- wait what? Who writes these things? Seriously, what? I had to click the answer button on this one just to be incredulous. My brain actually ground to a halt after reading this question. I'm going to have to go with a resounding "No" on this one. I mean really? "Sorry sport, your mother and I forgot to renew our marriage license so it looks like you don't have parents anymore."
demon furby

Writer's Block: Time sink

When you're bored at work, home, or school, do you have any guilty habits to pass the time, like reading up on celebrity gossip, non-creative gaming, scanning classifieds/personals, or watching bad TV re-runs?

Lately it's been reading articles at www.cracked.com. That website nearly ate my entire Sunday. I started reading stuff at about 3 in the afternoon and didn't make myself quit until about 8:30. I had only intended to kill about a half an hour. That website is dangerous.
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Writer's Block: Swine Times

Are you worried about catching the swine flu? Do you have a plan for avoiding contagion or dealing with quarantine?

I am not at all worried about the swine flu. I am more worried about people panicking because people are dumb panicky animals. I am mildly concerned that a sneezing fit caused by my seasonal allergies will cause some random person to freak out.

People! Calm the fuck down! Chill out!

I think questions like this are adding to the sensationalism surrounding the whole situation. So I reiterate: Calm the fuck down!

Writer's Block: A Little Green

Top o' the morning to you! Has anyone ever pinched you for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day?

Probably in elementary or middle school. I was usually the one doing the pinching, but that was because I had one hell of a mean streak. *blah blah insert various childhood trauma blah*

I never outgrew playing dress-up and St. Patrick's day became another acceptable day that I could dress strangely and it be okay. (Halloween being another) I realized last year that most of my renaissance faire garb is green so this gives me an opportunity to wear my corset to work. If I get around to making my Cthulhu costume, I'll probably wear that on St. Patrick's day next year.

I like to celebrate "holidays" like Pi day and International Talk Like a Pirate Day for the thin excuse to act bizarrely. I made square apple pi over the weekend. On the ides of March I wore a "toga" and stabbed a Cesar salad. I try and remember Mole Day (6.022x10^23). I watch V for Vendetta on Nov. 5 even though I don't live in England. You better believe I'll be dressed like a pirate on Nov 19th.