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Writer's Block: A Little Green

Top o' the morning to you! Has anyone ever pinched you for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day?

Probably in elementary or middle school. I was usually the one doing the pinching, but that was because I had one hell of a mean streak. *blah blah insert various childhood trauma blah*

I never outgrew playing dress-up and St. Patrick's day became another acceptable day that I could dress strangely and it be okay. (Halloween being another) I realized last year that most of my renaissance faire garb is green so this gives me an opportunity to wear my corset to work. If I get around to making my Cthulhu costume, I'll probably wear that on St. Patrick's day next year.

I like to celebrate "holidays" like Pi day and International Talk Like a Pirate Day for the thin excuse to act bizarrely. I made square apple pi over the weekend. On the ides of March I wore a "toga" and stabbed a Cesar salad. I try and remember Mole Day (6.022x10^23). I watch V for Vendetta on Nov. 5 even though I don't live in England. You better believe I'll be dressed like a pirate on Nov 19th.