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Missing hour

Can you see what this does to me!?

I am so glad I work second shift because waking up at effectively 4am would be quite unpleasant.

Anyway, what's the point of having a video camera if you don't use it? So I proceeded to rant about the mucking about in the space time continuum as well as welcome in Pi day.

I will be eating square pi(e) and singing the first 20 to 50 digits of pi. Probably not at the same time though.
Bitch please

It's that time of year again

It's gone! No matter how hard I try to hang on to it my hour is always taken from me!


The fabric of space-time is not something to be meddled with!

People keep telling me that I'll get it back in a few months. Well it's more than a few months! My hour is gone longer than it is here! Also, if I were to break into your house and steal your TV would you be any less pissed if I left a note saying that you'll get it back in November?

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Last year's entry which links to the year before that and so on thus creating my own little time muckery in vague retaliation.

FYI: I live in Indiana and we only started this DST crap in 2006.

To save myself the trouble I will be referring to my feelings (a very strong fiery hatred) on daylight stupid time as Rant #1.