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murphy's law


I bought a bicycle last night.

Most of my coworkers ride bikes frequently, and several of them are pretty serious riders. There are bikes all over the lab and parked in most of the offices. They all enjoy it so much that I've been wanting to get one of my own for a while and I finally did.

I haven't ridden a bike in a LONG time and the idea of riding on a road with cars really scares me. I started riding around my apartment complex earlier today and I am TERRIFIED of riding a bicycle. Well more to the point, I'm terrified of falling off of the bicycle. I'm not very good at riding and I can't really follow a narrow path. I had a couple of cars pass me and I had myself a little freak out each time. There is a pretty nice bike path that runs from near me to where I work but there is a really scary section of busy road between the path and I. I doubt I'll be biking to work anytime soon.

Also, the bike is huge. It'd have to be since I'm so tall. The thing turns like a moose, or maybe that's just me being craptastic at riding it. Well I feel like the bike should have a name and because of those two things I think the name "Moose" might stick.

There is a bike ride called Pelotonia that is a fundraiser for cancer research and I have been encouraged to ride in it. I want to ride Pelotonia or at least volunteer in some way. I'd actually gotten a bit excited about it, nervous, but excited. I thought I would wait to sign up until after I got a bike and I'm glad I waited. I'm not sure that I'm going to be a competent enough rider to not get hit by a car, or for that matter to not end up sideswiping another bike. Now I'm not so much excited about Pelotonia as terrified by it.

Even if I don't end up riding, I'll probably start doing some kind of fundraising soon.