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Bitch please

It's that time of year again

It's gone! No matter how hard I try to hang on to it my hour is always taken from me!


The fabric of space-time is not something to be meddled with!

People keep telling me that I'll get it back in a few months. Well it's more than a few months! My hour is gone longer than it is here! Also, if I were to break into your house and steal your TV would you be any less pissed if I left a note saying that you'll get it back in November?

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See also:
Last year's entry which links to the year before that and so on thus creating my own little time muckery in vague retaliation.

FYI: I live in Indiana and we only started this DST crap in 2006.

To save myself the trouble I will be referring to my feelings (a very strong fiery hatred) on daylight stupid time as Rant #1.