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Ba-con was pretty cool (though not in actual temperature, the hotel was on the warm and humid side). This was the inaugural year and I hope more will follow.

What the convention lacked in quantity it made up for in quality. There were only two programing rooms, a game room, exhibitors hall, and a con suite. Despite only having two rooms of programing I was interested in attending one or both panels at any given time. The game room staff was friendly and they did have a variety of old school arcade games set to free play, I was able to get my pinball fix. All of the vendors were quite friendly and every now and then one would burst into song making me wish I had spent more time just hanging out in there.

There certain things were available in abundance. The sponsors were very generous to the con suite. Sugardale provided bacon that the con suite staff made in to delicious treats my favorite being the bacon wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese. Bawls energy drinks was another sponsor and the caffeine flowed freely. I spent Saturday in a bouncy, jingly, blinking blur (I was dressed as the HIGHLY CAFFEINATED Caffeine Pixie). There was also the added effect of turning us all into 12-year-olds and there were MANY bawls puns and jokes,(even more than when the Penguicon hotel was located off of exit 69 on Big Beaver Rd).

I ended up winning a raffle on Friday. I was disappointed that I didn't get one of the My First Bacon plushies ThinkGeek had sent over but the soap I got from Geeky Clean is pretty cool.

The dance had one of the best DJs I've heard at a sci-fi con dance. I wish I could have stayed longer on Saturday but I was crashing hard (three and a half cans of bawls will do that) and had two panels to prepare for.

I ran two panels on Sunday, one the first panel of the day and the other the last. Neither were well attended but I wouldn't have been awake for it if I hadn't been running it. I had planned to do powerpoint presentations for them but put it off and then got bitch-slapped by the plague. The panels were more along the lines of rambling discussions but that actually worked out.

Oh, and there was actually a professional makeup artist that ran some panels. Holy crap her stuff was amazing. I'm a well practiced amateur, that woman has SKILLS! I picked up some tips I look forward to trying. Most of it is stuff that I will be able to implement for myself and friends but won't work to well doing makeup for the haunted house, I don't have enough time to do that level of detail on that many people.

I cut myself off from caffeine today early enough that I might actually be able to sleep tonight! I have been exhausted all day but only now starting to get "sleepy". I am going to succumb to the coma.