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Playfully Evil

(insert maniacal laughter here)

3 December
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I'm a big geek.
Sci-fi, fantasy, actual science(biology, chemistry, etc), tabletop roleplaying, even a bit of anime now and again.

I describe myself as "campy" by which I mean tacky, but on purpose.
I also describe myself as "playfully evil".

I never outgrew playing dress-up so I have quite a few costumes that I wear on a rather regular basis. You'll probably see me at Gencon in my beholder costume. I keep meaning to add the finishing touches, but as it turns out, I'm lazy.

As of 8/04/09 my current obsessions are, in no particular order:
Repo! The Genetic Opera
Criminal Minds
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (and associated Commentary! The Musical)
Doctor Who
Ugly ties and sweater vests
Brightly colored hair clips
Mailing out boxes of stuff (usually including Fruity Oaty Bars) to friends
Semi-spontaneous road trips
special effects makeup

Conventions I plan on/ hope to attend in 2009:
Penguicon con report here
Anime Central con report here
Inconjunction no con report
Otakon con report here
DragonCon <- Probably not this year, maybe next year.
Ohio Renaissance festival
Youmacon <- Want to go SO badly!

I enjoy make icons for LJ. I have a community for them at crack_icons Most of the pictures are gone due to me losing my webspace. I'll take requests if anyone wants, but I tend to get distracted by shiny things. Any of the icons that I've made in the past are up for grabs, you can find them through the icons I'm using or through the icon community.

Oh yes, I use twitter now. Mostly I tweet nonsense, because it's fun.

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Voltaire is Songwriting, Comic-Drawing, Interior Decorating, Animating, Skull-Sweater-Wearing Love

Updated 8/04/09
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