Craft project

I was actually productive today. I know!

I've wanted to do a steampunk demon hunter costume for a while and I wanted a battle scar with a steampunkesque metal plate to complete the look. So I did a first draft, it turned out more terminator than steampunk but a bit of detailing should fix that. I'm getting better at working with the mortician's wax but it is still a pain and I need to make something that can be used more than once but I've got a good start. Hopefully it'll be done in time to wear to Ohayocon.

Have a video!

If I get this to work well I can probably adapt it for the cyborgs in this years TerrorWerks game at GenCon.
timey wimey

Time travel?

What the hell day is it?

Really, my computer says it's Thursday but seeing as that I've slept TWICE since Sunday, I'm having trouble comprehending that.

It's been a weird week.

I did make little videos as time went on and I got more and more tired but I'm having trouble stringing them together. Since I know noting about video editing (aside from icons) it might be awhile.

More weirdness! I was talking with Del and made some crack about my future self coming back to give me time travel technology. I even sent emails to myself redundantly detailing the specifics. The appointed time came and went. Then I called my future self a bitch and promptly my laptop went blue screen of death on me. This was all in the minute after the appointed time and while I was on the phone with Del. Creepy.

In other news! I got a call from Covance and I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow! I'll be heading out shortly to crash at mom's house. I'm excited by the prospect of a job there but not so much about moving back to Indy but I haven't had any real leads here in a while so, *shrug*.

Side note to the panic attack hovering on the edge of my consciousness: NOT HELPING!!!
I swear, every time something good happens I end up with this paralyzing sense of dread and panic surrounding it. This is why I'm posting on LJ rather than packing my car and heading home. I'll get to it eventually but right now I need a little breather. Jeeze, I worthless, seriously, what the heck!
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pink batman

Yeah, I think I'm in a pink Batman mood

So I've sort of accidentally been awake for 39 hours now.

I like that icon. There were coloring books in the consuite at Incon a few years ago and I just went a little nuts with the pink. There is actually a speech bubble that says, "Pink is the new black," but it didn't crop well into an icon.


So I accidentally stayed up all night last night so I decided I was just going to stay awake until I fell asleep. I've never done that before and now seems as good a time as any. Also, I quite enjoy the slide out of sane thought that accompanies sleep deprivation. I've actually decided to attempt to document that slide so I can look back and get an outside perspective. I'm taking a quick video every couple of hours and I might try to string them together and post it/them on youtube once I've slept. We'll see.

Back to TV tropes! (and for the sake of everyone's sanity I won't post a link there. You're welcome.)

Black Swan did a really good job of creaping me the %&#^ out

I'm home for the week and mom and I went to see Black Swan the other day. Um... yeah, not the movie I was expecting.

It was a really good movie, I just didn't enjoy watching it.

The acting was fantastic, the dancing was beautiful, the story was dark, but the visuals...

The movie managed to find my squick buttons and then slam on them repeatedly. I spent a good portion of it curled in a ball, thrashing, or cursing in terror. Sometimes all three at once. There were several scenes that involved graphic damage to fingers and fingernails and they all made me try to burrow a hole into my seat.

I seriously don't know how that happened.

I lost an entire day to internet videos.


Really, I meant to be productive. I did!

I guess I still can, the day isn't over but really, I don't think I'll get to the mailbox today let alone actually accomplish anything.

I've got other stuff to say but I'm unable to marshal what little will I have to do so.
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(no subject)

I was thinking about renaming my LJ.

I like my username well enough but it's a bit cumbersome to have two underscores on either side. I will admit that I do like how I show up at the beginning of people's friends list and most of my online presence is with the __kat__ name.

I like going by Kat in person but in the last few years it seems that anyone who can possibly shorten or twist their name also goes by Kat (or Cat). It annoys the crap out of me mostly because I started going by Kat to wade out of the horde of Katies out there and now they all seem to have followed me. I was here first! But like I said, I like going by Kat and I'm not about to change that for real life interactions. But I did find a way to distinguish myself! Tall Kat, or Tall!Kat, depending. It also serves as a mnemonic since I am rather tall (Tall Kat is tall) and allows for easier conversation where multiple Kats are involved.

So... I was thinking I might change my username to tall_kat since it hasn't been taken (yet). I'm fairly certain this is a whim and renaming my account isn't worth $15 but I was wondering your opinion.

Should I change my username to tall_kat?

no, __kat__ is fine and it's stupid to pay $15 to change
no, I don't like it when people change their usernames
no, eventually lol cats will go out of fashion and you'll regret it
go for it, also I am a horrible enabler
yes, and if you don't I'm going to create a dummy account just so I can take tall_kat and spite you
meh, I don't care either way
another clicky!
Do Not Click! This space for administrative use only

Wait! I have something important to say!


Rather than making dinner...

I spent about an hour carving a demonic sigil in my forehead. Which means nachos and M&Ms for dinner for me!

mythdude retweeted something that made me legitimately laugh out loud, "If you see a Yellow Sign on the side of the wall that says '15 Miles to the... LoveCRAFT!" (I giggled again while posting this)

if you don't get the joke, I'll explain in the comments

In response to this my muse kicked me in the head. Almost literally even since it decided that my forehead was the perfect canvas for the aforementioned Yellow Sign. You know, maybe it wasn't my muse but actually the King in Yellow that gave me the idea. Give me an "H"! Give me an "A"! Give me an "S"! Giv-
It turns out my forehead makes a good canvas. It also turns out that sculpting wax is a pain in the ass to work with.

Cut for picturesCollapse )

They've been added to my SFX makeup gallery on photobucket.

Side note: It turns out that I had an image removed from the gallery due to terms of service violation. It was the first in the gallery which is used as an icon for the gallery. I'm guessing that someone did a search, got that as a result, got grossed out and/or offended, and reported the image. I actually feel complimented.

What the hell photobucket!? I resized the pictures so they would all be a less ridiculous size! Why are the first two gianormous while the third is the size I wanted all of them to be!? THEY SHOULD ALL BE THE SAME SIZE! (I've been troubleshooting this for the last half hour, hence my frustration)

Apparently photobucket finally resized the photos to what they should be after I gave up trying to fix the problem. Hooray for reasonably sized pictures!


Goodbye October, I'll miss you.

I had a great time making prosthesis, doing makeup, and scaring people in the haunted house. I am sad to see it end.

One of my favorite moments was when Batman and Robin came through the haunt on Friday. Batman took long, powerful strides down the hallway, struck a heroic pose, then turned and continued on. Robin and the rest of the group followed closely behind. To my credit, I didn't laugh, but I wanted to. I found out later that customers aren't allowed to wear masks in the haunt, security had told him he wasn't allowed to wear it to which he replied, "what about my identity!?" I wish I would have been there to see it.

I created some neat effects on people. I received quite a few compliments on the ipod in the head as well as Tony's peeled back skull. I did get in a weird mood toward the end where I was just shoving things through people's faces for the heck of it. Someone ended up with scissors in their face, a couple pens in the face, and chopsticks in the cheek. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself now that I don't have people to glue stuff to. Perhaps I'll have to find some hobos.

gratuitous link to my SFX makeup gallery on photobucket.

The job hunt continues, but I do have an interview scheduled for next week. Hopefully something will come of that or of the other applications I have submitted.


I've been working at a haunted house for most of the month and I have neglected to tell any stories!

I'm working for The Terrorfest (website with coupons here) and having a blast doing it!

I have been getting to put my SFX makeup skills to practical use! I help with the makeup before the haunt opens then I get to go mess with the people waiting to get in. They have an airbrush setup which really helps get the something like 40 people ready to go. There used to be just one person doing all the makeup and she is happy to have me there to help. It means that we can spend more time on each person and do cooler stuff. Last weekend I stitched up the side of a guy's head! I also get a huge kick out of seeing people use the prostheses I made. Sadly, I keep leaving my camera in the car.

Rather than use makeup on myself I have been using the mask I made for ACen,( the one with no face.) I usually don't like wearing masks but I get such a great reaction from this one it's worth it.

I will wander about in the line sneaking up on people who aren't paying attention, when they look up they tend to scream. Then there are the people who I don't even have to sneak up to, they stay as far away as they can get. I had a group of people scatter when I took a couple of steps toward them. They almost tore apart the ropes in the queue to get away from me.

Sometimes I'll linger by the front door. I'll gaze out into the parking lot and beckon people toward the entrance. There was one girl who locked eyes with me after getting out of her car, she took off running across the parking lot. I had to have been at least 50 feet away and she took off running. People have seen me and decided they didn't want to go through after all. (I do feel bad about that, bad for business and all).

I built a prosthetic head piece in case I need to take tickets on Thursday (I can see out of the mask but not well enough for that task.) I'm pretty proud of it. It is a head wound that goes all the way to the top of my head. It looks like the skin on my head has been peeled back. And since I'm apparently 12 years old and need constant praise for everything I do, here have a video!