December 15th, 2009

demon furby

Chex Mix

There is a definite lack of chex mix in my belly right now. It has been nearly two days since I have consumed a handful of crunchy joy. This must be rectified. Once I get home it will be on, the oven that is. Spices and butter, get ready to be melted and mixed. Cereal, get ready to be coated and baked. Appetite, get ready to be satiated. roughly 8 hours from now

a bit random

I have had a few random thoughts.

First off, I wonder why my parents let me read Stephen King's The Stand when I was 11. My best guess is that they were just thrilled to have a daughter who loved to read so the didn't really care what it was I read. I'm not saying it ever gave me nightmares but it retrospect I probably shouldn't have read that at that age.

Next, I became curious as to why a whole is defined as 100%. It seems kind of arbitrary. I understand why it would be a power of 10 but why not just 10? Or 1000? My guess is that 10 doesn't divide into enough pieces before you start needing to use a decimal and decimals make things more complicated, especially long long ago before calculators were even thought of. In the same vein, 1000 was probably too cumbersome.

I can cure (my own) hiccups by sneezing. I discovered this when I had a fit of hiccups that started up for no discernible reason. I was unable to stop them with all of the methods I had tried. Half an hour later my diaphragm was still spasmodic when I sneezed suddenly. I gradually became aware that I hadn't hiccuped in a while and attributed it to the sneeze. I have actually had a chance to test this method when I got the hiccups a week later. After trying unsuccessfully to rid myself of them by holding my breath I induced a sneeze, well more like a sneezing fit, and volia! No more hiccups! Bonus side effect of clearer sinuses.

Lastly, mmmm fresh from the oven chex mix. Nom nom nom.