November 29th, 2009


Kaylee says, "hi!"

My new laptop arrived on my doorstep while I was in St. Louis! She is very pretty and I am quite pleased. I named her Kaylee because she is shiny in both the literal reflective way and also the Firefly definition of shiny. Also, I like the name Kaylee.

I found her on woot last weekend and she temped me away from getting the Lenovo I had been eying with her many virtues. She was a hundred dollars cheaper despite having a much larger hard drive, twice the RAM, a blu-ray player, 17 inch screen, and a full keyboard (yay number pad!). Her processor is a little slower than the Lenovo but not by much.

My only real dislike is that she came preloaded with Vista, an operating system I had hoped to avoid entirely by skipping from XP to 7. She is eligible for the free Windows 7 upgrade, I just need to find all of the paperwork and jump though the associated hoops.

Now I need to find a bag big enough to haul her around. She weighs about as much as a gallon of milk. <--This is me NOT complaining. I really like having a large screen and number pad.

So I say to you, hello from Kaylee. Kaylee also says, "hi!"