October 14th, 2009

fractal skull

Haunted Houses

On Sunday Jane and Tree came down and we all piled in my car for a trip down to Louisville to go through the Haunted Hotel and variety of associated haunted houses. HOLY CRAP!!! Those places were REALLY well done. Everyone working in there was a character with a costume and appropriate demeanor. I don't think I saw anyone that was just some dude in a plastic mask. We ran screaming from chainsaws no fewer than five times, several of those while in a maze. We were stuck in a mocked up elevator with a really freaky person. The "elevator" was mounted on some sort of hydraulic system that bounced and shook while the lights spontaneously went off and back on again and the person was literally climbing the walls and in our faces.

Basically, if you like haunted houses and live anywhere near Louisville, KY you should check it out.

Also, I started working at Necropolis over the weekend. I love that job. I have been getting to put what little training I have with special effects makeup to use. I really feel like makeup is more effective than a mask when scaring people. Also, I can see! I hate wearing masks, it really messes with your field of vision, the person I was working with on Friday accidentally knocked over one of the dummies because he couldn't see it.

Starting tonight I will be working there every night until Halloween. I'm starting to get exhausted just thinking about it but it'll be fun. If you are in the Indianapolis area, you should consider going through we're ranked as one of the best houses in the country.