October 7th, 2009

Evil Giles

October stuff

My breakfast was nomtastic today due to me finding a box of Count Chocula cereal the other day. It was delicious, full of marshmallows and childhood nostalgia.

In other news I would very much like to go to a haunted house this year. Since I work at one my nights in October are booked pretty solid. Apparently Necropolis made the Haunted Attraction Magazine’s 25 Must See Haunts Yay for us!

Anyway, I was looking at that list and there are some that aren't too far away from me. I actually have Sunday night free this weekend and I was thinking of taking a little trip out to one of those haunts. Right now I am torn between The Dent Schoolhouse in Cincinnati and the Haunted Hotel in Louisville. I am leaning more toward Louisville because there is a trio of attractions associated with the Haunted Hotel just across the river in Jeffersonville that look really neat.

Who's up for a road trip? I can fit 3 other people in my car, possibly more if we're friendly (or don't mind the trunk). If we go to Louisville it'll be $15 for the Haunted Hotel (minus $2 for a coupon I found) and $25 for the combo ticket for all 4 attractions in Jeffersonville.