September 17th, 2009

little help


Presumably for maintenance reasons, the steam has been shut off to my building. This means that it has become quite cold in my office. Normally I would welcome the decrease in temperature, I enjoy a bit of a chill, but I am losing sensation in the tips of my fingers.

In other news, Supernatural seems to be a trending topic on Twitter this afternoon. From what I gather, this has little to do with the show airing tonight and more to do with the minions of Misha Collins (Castiel). Rabid fangirl hordes can be quite a weapon and I fear Misha may be intending to use that weapon for evil.

In other other news, International Talk Like a Pirate Day is Saturday September 19th! Information about this fun day can be found via the convenient links!
TLAPD official website
Wikipedia entry
Talk Like a Pirate Day theme song by Tom Smith (aka:filkertom

And for kicks, a meme ganked from beldar
If by 'shy' you mean 'loud and obnoxious'Collapse )