August 23rd, 2009


Fringe Festival

Indy Fringe Festival is this week. It's where a bunch of one hour plays are put on in a variety of venues around the arts district in Indianapolis.

I just spent most of today as a volunteer and it was quite a bit of fun. I haven't gotten to see any shows yet but I hope to later in the week. There are several I would love to see. I am hoping to be an usher for a shift, they have the opportunity to sit in on a show if there are seats left.

The free tent had a great band playing this evening, the Born Again Floozies. I only got to hear a couple of songs as I was walking by but I enjoyed their sound enough to pick up their cd. The band consists of a gutair, trombone, tuba, and instead of a drum kit there is someone playing a bass drum and a variety of other random percussion instruments AND A TAP DANCER!!! I was blown away at how amazing having someone tap dancing worked as percussion for a band. After hearing that I was surprised I'd never seen it done before.