July 22nd, 2009


Brain, I command you to work.

I have returned from Otakon in Baltimore and my brain has regained much of it's lost functioning power. I attribute this to the extra day I took off of work to sleep and generally not be at work. Perhaps a more detailed con report will come later, perhaps not.

I am still catching up on LJ, e-mail, and I haven't even looked at twitter since a week ago.

For whatever reason we thought it would only be an 8 hour drive. It turns out it takes about 9.5 hours and we happened to hit construction in three separate places. Add to that stops for lunch, dinner, and fuel and the trip out took just shy of 12 hours. I actually don't mind driving and there was a very soft taxidermy bear in a rest stop in Pennsylvania that I got to pet. That bear was a source of humor for Elf and I for the next hour of the trip and periodically while at the con. You can bet that the next time I pet a bear Vaidah is getting a text.

The Otakon was fun overall but I'm not convinced that it was worth the trip there and back and associated expenses ($26 a day parking, ouch). But it was great to see friends and meet new ones.

Elf and I were kicking ourselves for not scheduling more time before and/or after the con to play around Baltimore and/or the east coast. We drove all the way out there and didn't really have time to experience much more than the convention center. Oh well, if we were too tired to really do much after anyway.

We took a little more time on the way home to try some local restaurants. We had some AMAZING crab dip and sandwiches at a place about an hour outside of Baltimore. A bit pricey, but the lunch menu wasn't too badly priced and the food was wonderful. We had dinner at some hole in the wall diner outside Wheeling that had fantastic food and delicious homemade bread. I am really glad that Elf was with me (and her GPS aka: the precious) She was able to find places that weren't the standard fast food chains and she helps me to be more adventurous when picking somewhere to eat.

I managed to collect maps from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland. The Ohio map still eludes me, eventually I will stop at an Ohio rest stop and I will acquire my free map.

before I forget

Happy Pi Approximation day!

For those of you who recon the dates day/month/year (as opposed to the American month/day/year) today is 22/7 which is a very close approximation to pi!
(<--is a geek)


Well, I guess it's close enough. I guess 355/113 is a better approximation but we don't have a date for that. It isn't like I'm going to run into a situation that using 3.14 won't be accurate enough. Well maybe in calculus class, they like you to go to 3.1415 sometimes as far as 3.14159.

I think the brain cells I have dedicated to memorizing 30+ digits of pi are more or less wasted. But it is fun to rattle it off for geek brownie points. I keep thinking maybe I should memorize a bunch of digits of e. You can't make a math pastry without it (pi+e=pie ha ha, get it?). e=2.71 that's all I've got.

Also, why the heck does e^i(pi)=-1? Maybe I don't want to know. Some mathmatics I was probably never meant to understand.

Anyway, yay pi!