July 9th, 2009


Wii not-so-active

I stopped using the Wii Active two days shy of completing the 30 day challenge. There were a variety of reasons including it was the weekend of Inconjunction and my knees hurt and had developed a sound effect when bending. After a week off my knees do feel better but still feel a little ...odd. It feels kind of like they are swollen on the inside.

I was afraid that if I stopped even for a little while, I would loose all motivation to use the active. I'm actually sitting here debating with myself on if I'm going to start back up tonight or not. (for the record, I hope I do) I'm going to take it slow for a while so I don't further injure my knees.

On the plus side I donated blood at the convention over the weekend (yay my iron wasn't too low!) and I got the results back from the mini physical. My cholesterol is the lowest it has been in at least two years dropping between 20 and 30 points since I had blood work done in May (I don't remember exactly what the number was then). So even though I haven't lost an appreciable amount of weight, I now have proof that what I have been doing has had beneficial effects.

On a completely unrelated note, an open comment to car owners:

I don't care who you voted for in last years election but it is past time to take the stickers off of your car!
That is all.
trunk escape


A comment in my last post spawned yet another sleep-deprivation-inspired-good/bad-ideas. (perhaps I should make some sort of logo)

I want a DeLorean. I want to decorate said DeLorean with a bunch of 80's stickers on the bumper. Then I want to drive around and get out of the car to gawk and be confused by the "futuristic world". I would also have to invest (or find) in 80's fashion.

Maybe I could rent one for a weekend... At the very least that is a phone call that would confuse the heck out of someone at Enterprise Rent-a-car. Which might actually make the inquiry worth my time, I just need to practice being serious over the phone or hope that I get someone on the other line willing to listen to my planed shenanigans. I should also look into how big they are. I am tall and driving could be a problem...

If this manages to happen (probably not, but maybe if I have an enabler) who wants to come? 80's fashion and participation in gawking at the "future" required.