July 4th, 2009

little help

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I want my painful memories to be happy memories again.

Also, ow. My knees hurt. I'm going to have to take a few days off from playing with the Wii Active. I'm just a little afraid that if I stop I won't start back up again.

Actually I had a pretty good day today. I just wish my inner angst would stop screaming at me so I could enjoy it.

The Repo! showing tonight had one of the funniest moments I have been witness to. Near the end of the movie during Shilo and Nathan's song: "Shi your mother's calling me" *cue unintentional cell phone*. The timing couldn't have been better if it had been planned. I laughed for two solid minutes and kept getting repeat giggles for the rest of the movie. It was one of those moments I'm going to randomly remember in a couple of days and fall over laughing.

Sleep now. I have to spend quite a while on prosthetic and special effects make up for my costume tomorrow.