May 5th, 2009

Gir vs Pac Man

Penguicon 7.0 report (at least as much as I can remember)

I've said it before and I will continue to say it. Penguicon = WOW!!! Inconjunction will always be my first love but Penguicon is my new favorite convention. It is big enough to have great stuff to do but small enough that it feels like a community. I could continue gushing (and I might later) but onto the report!

what hasn't blurred together and some of what has, separated by day!Collapse )

I stumbled into bed at about 1:30 am and got up for work the next morning. From now on I am requesting off the day after con to recuperate. I am still tired but buzzed with the post-con high. But that could be the residual caffeine, they even had caffeinated *water* in the consuite.

Now I'm off to ACEN. I'm leaving for Lafayette after work tomorrow and we'll be heading up to Chicago on Thursday. I'll be having fun but I think I'm going to curl up and die before ACEN is over.