April 25th, 2009

Death Ray


It's hooooot. *whines*

I don't like the heat *pout* it does unhappy things with my internal workings and turns me into a petulant child somewhere between the ages of 3 and 12. Read as: high potential for tantrums.

I'd crack a window but unfortunately it is APRIL! Which means should I do so I will be attacked by the by products of overzealous botanical procreation! The tree and plant-sluts out there have unleashed there arsenal of airborne naughty bits. I am simply an innocent bystander that upon breathing the "fresh spring air" will be doomed with the inability to breathe or use my sinus passages for anything resembling their original purposes.

I hereby advocate a campaign to encourage safe sex among the more flora-inclined members of this planet's population. Abstinence only would be my first choice but we all know how well that has worked in the school system. Some sort of plant prophylactic needs to be developed! Either that or a new system needs to be worked out such that no one need be hurt by the more veritable throes of passion.

My cranky, overheated, 5 year old self would like to add: Gah! Pollen, you suck! Get your icky plant stuff out of my nose!

Also, *achoo!* *sniffle* *achoo!* *achoo!* *gasp* *achooachooachoo!*

*groan* I'm gonna take some Benadryl and go lie down.