April 17th, 2009



I beat the system! Well, a system, but I'm still thrilled!

I recently watched all three seasons of Dexter (yay marathon!) About halfway through the first season I finally took notice of the little bit in the credits, "based on Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay." I became intrigued so I bought the first two Dexter books online hoping that they would arrive before I ran out of show to watch.

Long story less long, I managed to get my hands on and read the first three Dexter books. They are different from the show but I like them both. Once I had finished with the third book I was left with the not quite satisfied feeling you get after running out of a series you like (tv, book, etc). So I look online to see when the next book comes out. Blast! Not until September! *whines* I don't wanna wait that long! Well a hop and a skip over to wikipedia and I find out that Dexter by Design was released in the UK back in February. Score! Being the less than patient person I am I made a purchase at amazon.co.uk the conversion to US dollars and the shipping sucked but I ended up paying the same as if I had waited for the new hardback.

Fast forward to 10 min ago and the book is in my mailbox! Huzzah!

I will now spend the next several hours on my couch or other comfy place reading my happy new book of joy! Then I must begin the arduous task of waiting for Dexter season 4 to air (sometime this Summer I think. August?)

Yay reading!

Yay done!

Wait, now I've run out of books again. *sad face*