March 7th, 2009



I've managed to tidy up a bit in my bedroom. It has made me feel a little better but it has confirmed that I have far too much stuff to fit in that room and I have more shirts than hangers. I have quite the t-shirt collection and little or no willpower when it comes to awesome designs on shirt woot. At the very least I've managed to put *most* of my clean laundry away and condense my stuff so I have a bit more floor space.

I'm trying to stay calm and at least marginally happy today because tomorrow... Well tomorrow I'm going to be royally pissed off. That rage will last for several weeks then become a simmering anger that will last until early November. I won't go into it now, I'll save that for tomorrow.

At this point I doubt I'll go and see Watchmen. I'd kind of like to see the movie but not enough to make the effort and go by myself. Damn, I used to be so solitary. What happened to me? Oh crap, emo. Quick, stomp on it before it grows! *stomp* *stomp*

Where was I? Oh right, I've been meaning to read the graphic novel for a while now, I've just been lazy and not gotten around to it. I've had multiple people offer to loan it to me, I'll probably take someone up on that soon.
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