March 3rd, 2009


I've been to Wisconsin and I have the map to prove it!

Back from Wisconsin! The trip was full of awesome and candy (which is also awesome).

Oh internet, how I have missed you! Elf had her laptop along for the trip bout the hotel's internet ceased to function on Sunday. So of course when I finally get home our internet was out. I've been out of the internet loop for about 5 days. I'm going to try and catch up on everyone's posts in the next couple of days.

My trip:
Drove to Elf's house Thursday night and stayed up way too late talking.
Lazed about the hose Friday morning and headed north mid-afternoon.
Traditional Costco stop south of Chicago for free samples and hot dogs (usually gas too but not this time).
Fought with Chicago traffic but escaped with our sanity mostly intact.
Small anime con on Saturday where I ran around as robot GIR, bought stuff, watched Let the Right One In, and played with glow sticks at the dance.
Went to the Milwaukee Public Museum (it was VERY impressive)
Science surplus store that closed 5 min after we got there (we had a fight with the GPS on the way) I still got cool stuff but I desperately want to go back.
Awesome comic book store next door (acquired zombie board game: Last Night On Earth).
Quest for squeaky cheese (cheese acquired, squeaky cheese remained elusive).
Woke up to 8 inches of snow (for the full Wisconsin experience).
Shoveled out and left the hotel.
Acquired road map of Wisconsin from sweet old ladies at the tourist info/ rest stop.
Resumed cheese quest (10 year old cheddar acquired, squeaky cheese remained elusive).
Jelly Belly factory!!!!!
Detour to another Costco (located near a YMCA that for some reason had a replica of the leaning tower of Pisa) for lunch and actual groceries.
Fought with Chicago traffic but escaped with our sanity mostly intact.
Random stop at Fair Oaks Dairy (~45 min north of Lafayette) in a last ditch effort for squeaky cheese. Quest=Failed.
Arrive at Elf's
Played board game.
Lazed around Elf's house.
Played board game.
Drove home.
Posted on LJ (We're at now sir).

So I did actually get my hands on some cheese curds but they weren't fresh enough to "squeak". The only squeaking on this journey came from the dog toys in the feet of my GIR costume. Overall I had a great deal of fun! I purchased WAY too much "irregular" candy at the Jelly Belly factory. I am well on my way to becoming "L" from Death Note. By the way, L is such a lazy cosplay, there are SO many of them running around at cons now. It doesn't really bother me but it is just such an easy costume and so many people don't put the effort into doing it right.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. *pout*
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