March 1st, 2009



Whoo! I'm posting on Elf's laptop from the hotel room. Yesterday we drove up from Lafayette to Milwaukee with a stop at the Costco just south of Chicago. We wandered over to a wal-mart and went picked up some super cheap white-trashy shirts. Well I did. I doubt I'll wear them in public but they were only a dollar and they are SO tacky. It was also late at night and I'd been sugared up. I shouldn't be allowed use of money in that state.

Today we went to this small anime con that was held in the University of Wisconsin's union. I had a blast running around in my GIR costume. I bought a few pins in the dealers room, got lots of hugs, and got over heated at the dance. That always happens but it's mostly because I insist on raving as GIR and it gets hot in that suit even when I'm not dancing around like a idiot monkey.
We also saw Let the Right One In, it happened to be showing at the little theater there I'm glad the timing worked because I've been wanting to see that for a while. It's a Swedish vampire movie and it's really well done. Yeah there are subtitles but I had just watched most of the second Death Note live action and I was used to them. But yeah, Let the Right One In, totally awesome. That little girl can act!

Tomorrow we are going some sort of science surplus store, a comic store, and a museum.

I think I need to sleep now, I'm frickin' exhausted.