February 12th, 2009


Work avoidance strategy no. 12: post to LJ

Thanks to the_dark_snack and Randy Milholland of Something Positive I now know that today is Darwin Day. I wish I would have known a week ago, I might have thought of something to commemorate the day. Oh well, but I did look on their events page (the google map thing didn't work so I scrolled through the list of all the events) and there is birthday cake on the canal walk! I think I'm going to try and swing by during lunch.

It's finally come! Twilight is going to be running at the dollar theaters starting tomorrow! Now, most people know, I hated the first book. Hated but in sort of a good way. It's like the bad movie you watch so you can make fun of it. I've had quite a bit of fun "discussing" the series with my friends. I refused to see the movie for full price, I don't want to encourage the perpetuation of the series but dollar theaters...

So! Who wants to come with me to make fun of this movie MST3K style!? I'm sure it would be more entertaining in a group. I would suggest Saturday evening but people probably already have plans for half-price-candy day eve. Sunday I have a get together for my grandmothers 90th birthday but I might be back by early evening. Any suggestions?