February 9th, 2009

timey wimey


It is gorgeous outside today. It makes me wish I had a window anywhere near my desk/office/lab space or time off so I could just wander around outside. It's perfect, overcast enough that there is no direct sunlight but bright enough that I don't need my headlights. It is cloudy but not raining and there is a bit of a chill in the air but not a biting cold.

I'm not being sarcastic, overcast days are my favorite. If you know me in person you have probably heard me bitching about the sun. The sun and I don't get along. For some reason I'm super sensitive to natural light. I have excellent night vision but even the average amount of daylight is enough that I have to spend the day squinting. Which is why I spend most of Spring cranky while everyone else is out frolicking in the daisies.

Damn, now I miss Pushing Daisies all over again. Come back pie maker! Come back!