February 8th, 2009


Mmm math

Foxtrot is trying to kill me. Well... maybe that's not quite accurate.

Today's comic, entitled fibonachos, planted ideas in my head that may lead to my accidental death, most likely by choking.

Hey look! An image! hmm, it's kind of large, maybe I'll put it under this cut right hereCollapse )

So I tried fibonoodles for lunch. I successfully made it to eight, limited success at thirteen. I was using chopsticks, and I couldn't get a hold of thirteen at once. I think twenty-one would have resulted in me choking. That's not a conversation I really want to have with St. Peter or whoever has his job, but in Hell. (I've got Dr. Horrible running in the background)

I think I'm going to get wired on fiboskittles later tonight. (yes, I realize that the joke stops working around that point)