January 25th, 2009



If you are going to Penguicon this May you need to register before the 31st to get the 40 dollar rate, after that it goes to 45 and then 50 at the door.

Penguicon is the weekend before Anime Central. I thought that Gencon and Dragon con was a nasty combination and there was a weekend in between those two. It seems as if I'm going for death by convention. I guess if I have my choice it seems like a fun way to go.

My anticipated con schedule:

Penguicon May 1-3
Anime Central May 8-10
Inconjunction July 3-5
Gencon Aug 13-16
Dragoncon (I hope) Sept 4-7 (two weeks from gencon this year)
Ohio Renaissance Faire Late Sept or early Oct (it runs for quite a while)

Oh, and if there is a Repo! convention I might try and go to that.

Yep, that looks like I'm trying to kill myself. Either that or lose my job, it's a good thing I have so much vacation time saved up.