January 8th, 2009

not ginger

Kat shouldn't be allowed posting access to the internet after 1am

So I'm not all that thrilled with the look of the man boy that will be playing the 11th incarnation of the Doctor. I'm sure I'm blowing everything out of proportion in my brain and I am simply resisting change for no other reason than to resist it. I'm sure he'll do fine. The casting department wouldn't allow someone who couldn't do the job. I sure am going to miss David and his glorious hair.

Mostly I just wanted to post with the icon I made just now.
glowstic fun

I've been having a very gregarious couple of days.

I had an M&M swirled frosty for lunch and a junior bacon cheeseburger for dessert. Yes I said that correctly. Right now I'm eating skittles and milk duds (someone found her cache of leftover Halloween candy). It's been a fun day. I'll probably crash later tonight but right now I'm in a very happy zone, it's reminiscent of 2am while in college (ahh good times).

Oh, and suck it Myers-Briggs.

Your result for The Pop Culture Archetype Personality Test...

The Illusionist

Ninja, Robot, Punk, Clown

Illusionists are masters of wit, inventive and clever and capable of thinking on their feet while walking a tightrope. They are entertaining lecturers and cunning linguists, and they love to show off their skills and perverse sense of humor, even if it risks confusing or hurting the butt of their jokes. They are innovative problem solvers, yet cut corners and break rules if it's expedient, and hate even small inconveniences. They have no patience for stupid people, yet are charming when they are not being harassed, and are capable of close relationships with loved ones, who tend to be as clever and entertaining as they are. The rest of the world is seen as an audience to be entertained by these unique, eccentric oddballs.

Illusionists often suffer from Compensatory Narcissistic behavior, a form of narcissism which is derived from a sense of insecurity and weakness, rather than a true feeling of high self-esteem. They seek to create the illusion of superiority and build up an image of high self-worth, yet feel they are not worthy of recognition or prestige. To this end they may ridicule the achievements of others, exaggerate and boast, and otherwise seek the attention and approval of everyone around them, even to the detriment of others. They persistently reach for the stars, wishing for glory and status beyond their means and then feeling frustrated and depressed when their wishes are unfulfilled. Extremely self-conscious, they are prone to feelings of shame and hypochondria, and often underperform out of a desire to get immediate gratification and succcess, rather than taking time to get things right.

Famous illusionist types include Alexander the Great, Sir Walter Raleigh, Thomas Edison, Lewis Carroll and Weird Al Yankovich.

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