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And another thing

Joyous wishes for a (potentially belated) Non-Specific December Holiday(s) of your choosing to you and any associated "yours".

I am currently celebrating Too Much Food Hangover Day by working my way through the cookies my sister in law sent me home with.

My Christmas went pretty well, filled with food and family with minimal drama. I got three sets of Buckyballs from my mom. So many magnets to eat, so little time. My nephews got a cardboard house that you're supposed to color in. I helped build it but left the crayons to the kids. They also got a couple of marshmallow guns which I helped playtest. I look forward to when the oldest is big enough that I can make the pink bunny suit from A Christmas Story for him. Yes, I plan on being *that* aunt.

I got back to Ohio in time to see the screening of the Doctor Who Christmas special. A local independent theater showed it for free. It was pretty great to be able to watch it on a big screen with a theater full of fans. They might show the first episode of BBC's Sherlock next week and I am excited about that.

That theater also has a shadowcast group that does a different movie each month. Last week they did Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and it was great fun. They passed out ping pong balls, paper airplanes, and silly string so the audience could help out in the climactic battle at the end. Next month is Destroy All Monsters and I hear they're building a cardboard city to destroy and they are encouraging the audicence to bring in Nerf guns to aid in the killing of the monsters.

Oooh! I almost forgot! I managed to get a woot bag of crap on Christmas! I was up until almost two but eventually their servers recovered from the onslaught and I managed to buy one before they sold out. Last year I was not so lucky and I couldn't get through but not this time! Yay!

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