__kat__ (__kat__) wrote,

Well shucks

*I went to Canada! and also Detroit
*I managed not to get into trouble in Canada! (though we had a bit of trouble with immigration)
*Penguicon panel planning meeting! I'm already excited!
*Anime Central moved up a month and now I can't go *sadface*

I took a trip up to Canada and Detroit this weekend. I had a meeting in Detroit for Penguicon panel programing of which I am the costuming track head. It was kind of a pain in the but to drive all the way up there but a friend of mine from work turned it into a road trip.

We went up to Detroit Saturday and caught dinner with a friend there at a spiffy Mexican restaurant. Then we headed up to Canada (or down actually). Partly because she'd never been and partly because Detroit is scary and we didn't want to sleep there. We had a bit of a hang up crossing the border since she hadn't signed her passport meaning it wasn't actually valid. We had to do a bit of an extra inspection and the border patrolman gave her a bit of a jokingly hard time. I sat in the passenger seat laughing while it all went down. The whole thing took about 15 min and I got a stamp in my passport out of it. We tooled around Windsor a bit and then headed back into Detroit, well Dearborn actually.

I went to the Penguicon meeting while my friend ran some errands in Dearborn. I'm glad I went because now I know what is expected of me as a track head and I've got some ideas about how to proceed. It was nice for the face to face but I doubt I'll be making the trip again for another meeting, and I shouldn't have to.

After the meeting my friend showed introduced me to some pretty awesome Middle Eastern bakeries and stores. We did a bit of running around and loaded up on delicious, delicious, flaky, sweet pastries and headed back home.

In an effort to expand the Penguicon attendee base I was asked to send a quick list of conventions I know about so we could send fliers or whatnot for advertizing. While compiling the list I came across a sad thing for me. Penguicon and Anime Central fall on the same weekend next year. Why the hell did ACen have to move a month earlier? Now I can't go. Quite a few of the cons I go to are shifting around in the coming year making it much more difficult for me to attend. I guess I don't have to worry about my panel being approved now. *sigh*

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