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Bye bye Halloween

October has past and with it my time at the haunted house. I'm happy to have more than two evenings to myself a week again but I miss it already. It's exhausting but fun and I did have more than a few stories to add to my scare list. "Ma'am, please let him save me!" was my favorite scare of the year, a couple separated when I scared them both and the guy was too afraid of me to get close enough to help his girl AND THEN SHE TWEETED ABOUT IT. Gasping for breath from running and hiding behind a dumpster all while yelling at her boy to come save her, she whips out her cell phone and declares she is tweeting about this right now.

I wore my haunt costume and makeup into work on Halloween. That was fun, I kept accidentally scaring one of the professors. She would forget I was there and look over and see me. When my boss first saw me she nearly went through a wall. In an effort to be nice I tried really hard NOT to sneak up behind people. One of the post-docs had me do her makeup for her trick-or-treat party, that was pretty fun. She had brought in some plastic spiders that she wanted crawling out of her wounds, I obliged.

My leg is much better. Physical therapy has helped a great deal. I'm walking normally and even running (after people with a shopping cart, they were running from a shopping cart). The muscle is still a little tight but with time and so long as I keep up with my stretches I should be fine.

Last thing, I want to call BS on flu shots. I had my flu shot about two weeks ago. Not only that but I have already had the flu this year. In spite of this I seem to be coming down with something, again. I have been sick something like six times since I moved a little over a year and a half. Sometimes I think Ohio has it in for me. Last night I took some Nyquil and slept for 16 hours. I'm going to try for another 12 here in a bit.

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