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Long time, no post

I seem to have wandered away from LJ by accident. I still occasionally skim my f-list but I haven't been keeping up like I should so I apologize.

For someone with no social life I've been pretty busy. I went to more conventions than I probably should have, and had more fun than I deserve.

Gencon was amazing. I spent most of my time at TerrorWerks, and that is always fun. I managed to weasel my way onto the PST Cthulhu live games and actually managed to live through one of them (there are always uses for dead bodies in Cthulhu live). I entered the masquerade and came in 2nd in my category! I made a troll costume and spent most of Saturday afternoon trying to lure children to eat, it was a blast!

I reprised the troll costume (Matilda, to those who ask my name) at the Ohio Renaissance Faire a couple of weekends ago. I managed not to make any children cry (well maybe one but she was across the road and it might have been her parents trying to drag her over to me). I showed considerable self restraint by not sneaking up on anyone. I had a surprising amount of parents present their little ones to me for pictures. It was hilarious to me to see a half terrified child pushed in front of me so I could do my schtick and then pose for a photo. That costume is fun to wear and the character a blast to inhabit.

Haunted house season is upon us! I'm back at The Terrorfest again this year doing makeup and being generally terrifying (I've frightened several people away before they made it into the haunt, oops). I made a new outfit for this year, I'll post pictures once I get around to taking them.

Also, I joined a bowling league. I really suck, but that's what handicaps are for.

So not everything has been sunshine and candy to lure children to their doom I'm considering renaming my cat "Moneypit" I've spent over $600 on her in the last two months with another $1000 lurking for me later. She need her teeth pulled because her gums keep getting infected but she had crazy blood work and wasn't a candidate for anesthesia so after a tense couple of weeks she's healthy enough for the procedure but I can't afford it right now. I know where my haunted house paycheck is going, right into my cat's mouth. *sigh*

Also, I'm really good at hurting myself. While at the aforementioned bowling league I managed to tear the calf muscle in my left leg. It's not the tendon, thank God, but I still can't put my weight on the ball of my foot. I can shuffle around using my heel since it only hurts when I use that one particular muscle (until I pissed off the rest of the leg yesterday so today=ow). I wasn't even doing anything dramatic, I was bowling and felt some pops and tears in my leg (a very unpleasant sensation) and then couldn't put weight on it. I need to come up with a better story. The sports medicine doctor told me it's a variant of tennis leg and that it should heal on its own in a few weeks. I've got physical therapy tomorrow so hopefully I can get things sorted then. I can still move around but I can't run after people at the haunt *blarg*

The good news is that my cat's healthy again and I'm not in pain unless I do stupid things.
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