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Or rather CON! I seem to be trying to con myself to death. I just did three conventions in a row Anime Central, Marcon, and Midwest Haunter's Convention. I've got two weeks off before I do another three in a row Origins, Inconjunction, and Ba-con.

ACen was super fun. I got to see friends from all over the country who all gather in Chicago for the weekend. The convention has become secondary to spending time with them but I still managed to cram in some panels (including the one I ran) and a few hours in the dealer's room. The drive up was twice as long now that I'm in Ohio, hopefully next year I'll have some vacation time to use so I can stay the extra day.

Marcon was nice. The programing was well planned. It would be more fun for me if I knew more people there but since it was my second year I was able to hang out with some people I recognized from last year. I participated in the Iron Costume event. It's like Iron Chef only your team builds a costume out of a big pile of scraps and utilizes the secret ingredient and follows a theme. We didn't win but had a good time making it. Marcon is moving to Easter weekend next year and from what I've heard it may kill the con.

Midwest Haunter's is more of the traditional business convention... sort of. It is for the haunted house industry so rather than a dealer's room it's a trade show and there are seminars and workshops (that cost extra) rather than panels. It has the vibe of a fan convention but the undercurrent of people there to network and do other business-y type things. The dealer's room is free and full of cool demos. I played in UV bubbles, took a coffin ride, sat on a giant demonic rocking horse, and spent more money on makeup and supplies than I want to think about. There were some really amazing costumes and body painting (a couple booths that sold airbrushes were doing demos). The haunt I work at was open the Friday of the convention and it was great to work that again. I really wasn't expecting to scare many people, since they work at these places and know what's coming. I did get a couple and I got several compliments on the mask and prosthetics I made, that means a lot to me coming from people who do that professionally.

I've got the pictures transferred to my computer but they haven't been uploaded yet. I'll link them once I do but after three cons my apartment is a MESS. Once I get caught up on my rest I plan to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS! I also need to go to the motherf*cking BANK like an ADULT!
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