__kat__ (__kat__) wrote,

Did I just accidentally volunteer for con staff?

Last winter I decided that I'd been to enough conventions that it was probably time I start trying to contribute. Well contribute something on a little higher level than "gopher" so I submitted s SFX panel to several different conventions. Animarathon, Penguicon, Inconjunction, and Anime Central.

I ran the panel at Animarathon and a more polished version at Penguicon. At Penguicon I somehow ended up as almost staff for the con because I volunteered to do makeup for the zombie tag event. While I was doing that I think I ended up on the game room staff for Youmacon in October of this year. I also just emailed the head of programing for the new-this-year Ba-con (Columbus in July) and I'm going to be running not one but TWO panels for them. I need to send them paragraph descriptions of the panels as well as a picture of me and a bio. Those last two things make me a bit nervous. I think I may have unwittingly volunteered for more than I intended. Well at least there's going to be bacon at Ba-con.

I haven't heard back from Inconjunction and I'm debating if I want to bother with followup or Incon at all for that matter. I think I originally submitted 2 panel ideas and at the rate I'm going I'll end up con chair or something by accident if I don't keep my head down.
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