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Penguicon 2011

Penguicon was a week ago and as of yesterday I was a functional human being. I didn't get the con plague but I did overdo it to the point of exhaustion, because that's how I roll.

Friday morning I invaded Canada for a couple of hours (well, it was RIGHT THERE, I had to go). I brought back a foot tall tube of mentos. Sadly it's not giant mentos but several tubes of regular sized mentos in a novelty sized package. It still made for some fun photo ops and now it's chilling out on my bookshelf between Beaker's head and a plushie Cthulhu.

I spent the rest of Friday helping with setup and wandering around the room parties and hanging out in the consuite.

Saturday morning I ran my panel on SFX makeup. I feel like it could have gone better. My problem was not enough sleep to be truly coherent. 10am on a Saturday? I had to get up at 8 to get ready for the damn thing. I was planning on making up my roommates as examples of the different materials but I wasn't going to wake up the whole room at 6 to do that so I just did myself. After I set up my stuff and did makeup off and on for the zombie tag event. I had a great time turning people into zombies or giving them nasty looking bite wounds. I was thrilled to find a Harry Dresden cosplayer to give the burnt left hand I made and went into full on squee mode when I saw him with a Michael Carpenter cosplayer. (the dude's wearing flannel under his chainmail). The two of them decided that their friend was early Billy the Werewolf to complete the group.

Saturday evening I made the rounds at the parties and ended up in the consuite until the wee hours of the morning (like usual) I ran into Issac Asimov, apparently he works for Aperture Science. Around 5 in the morning I saw that the large tv in the consuite was showing the star field screensaver and my mind made the leap to viewscreen. It happened to have a table in front of it so I set up some chairs and got the 5 other people there to play impromptu make-believe Star Trek. It was hilarious. We spent twenty minutes on a quest for sector 1218 (which is now an inside joke). I had Spock checking the scanners (the toaster) and Scotty fixing the engine room (the microwave). It didn't hurt that we were all slap happy tired.

Sunday really didn't exist for me because "It's not tomorrow 'till I've slept" having not slept, I didn't get a Sunday, just a really long Saturday. I lost all but the most tenuous grip on coherency but I managed to get some fun photos of people with Mentos (the freshmaker!) Tyler Durdon, Thelma, Harry Dresden (the one without Michael), Dr Insano, and Tom Smith. I harassed the guy that draws The Book of Biff and then forgot to buy something from his table. That poor man, I always seem to find him on Sunday when I am at my least sane and spaz at him for about 5 minutes before running off after something shiny. I am fairly certain I legitimately frightened him two years ago, maybe he's used to me by now, he didn't take any steps back this year. *sigh*

I missed the liquid nitrogen in the pool this year. They had enough left to do it multiple times but I decided that I would end up overcome by the urge to jump in the pool and spending three damp hours driving home after having been up all night didn't sound all that fun. I ended up not leaving until after 7. At around 5 someone announced they had the new Doctor Who episode and I decided that I didn't have to leave just then.

I got home just after 11pm thus wrapping my third con of 2011.
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