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I had a fangirl squee kind of afternoon. George R.R. Martin just announced a definitive publication date for A Feast for Crows! I had heard the news but dismissed it but he's serious this time (apparently all of the other dates were optimistic guesses). Look's like all of the devotions the dark entity living in my Furby have paid off.

I've actually been rereading the series in anticipation of the Game of Thrones series starting up on HBO (which I must needs gain access too by then) The man they have playing Littlefinger looks exactly like how I had pictured him in my brain. I think it is the first time my brain has matched that closely with visual media from a book. Arya is pretty close to my mental image as well although I always picture her with birds nest hair.

A few weeks ago I e-mailed a bunch of conventions wanting to run a special effects makeup panel. I have heard back from panel programing from Penguicon (still working out details) and Animarithon (Confirmed to run a panel). Animarathon is on March 26th so I need to get my stuff together. It's a one day anime convention at Bowling Green State University near Toledo, Ohio. This will be my first panel and I'm glad it's at a smallish con, that way I can work the kinks out and have more of a discussion than a presentation.

Anyway, in preparation for this I started playing around last weekend and came up with an alien parasite thing. Enjoy!

Also, mythdude has been feeling under the weather so pester the crap out of him with healing thoughts and anti-crappy feeling vibes. I'm doing my part by having Flot postpone her attack. Mwhahaha
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