__kat__ (__kat__) wrote,

Possibly looking up?

I had a pretty good interview yesterday, mostly because I knew one of the interviewers. I had asked him a few months back if he would keep an eye out for any openings and he referred me to the posting about a week ago. I was pleasantly surprised that he was one of the people I was meeting with. I always dread group interviews and it was a relief to have a friendly face. As a bonus I'm fairly certain he asked questions that let me play up my strengths.

I am a bit nervous since I'm not sure I have *quite* enough experience in the right areas to really qualify for the position. I would love to get that job and learn how to do the type of tests they do in the lab so I've got my fingers crossed. I might manage to squeak by on the "not what you know but who you know," thing (which I usually resent but for once seems to be working in my favor).

I feel like a bit of an ass looking for other work when I haven't even been at my current job for a month. But at the same time it's a temp job and while it's easy enough work and the people are all super nice (and that is a HUGE plus), it's not something that I really see myself being happy doing for long. If they do offer to hire me on full time I doubt I'll accept. I'd rather be doing SCIENCE!

In other news, I start working second shift on Monday. Waking up at 5am is really not fun at all and I'm happy that tomorrow is the last time I'll have to do that in a while. I guess they were a bit short staffed on second shift and when I asked about switching they were pretty happy to oblige me and my semi-nocturnal ways. And as a bonus I'll get a shift premium raise for working second. "You mean you're going to pay me extra to not have to wake up at 5am? Awesome!" <-yes I did say that. Working 3-11:30 does kill any chance of having a social life (aside from on weekends) but since I haven't managed to strike that particular pile of cobbled together body parts with lightning I guess it was never alive in the first place. I'd rather be doing NECROMANCY! SCIENCE!
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