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I'm actually posting con pictures

It seems whenever I go to a con I always intend to post the pictures but I never actually get around to it. I usually don't even upload them to photobucket or anything.

I didn't get to see much of the con but I haven't seen much anime in the last 5 years so there weren't that many panels I wanted to go to anyway. I did have a great time wandering the halls, browsing in the dealer's room, and helping out as a gopher. Actually, volunteering was probably the most fun. I've known for years that if you want to see most of the people and costumes the best way to do it is to hang out in one spot for a while. Guess what badge checking is.

My photobucket album for Ohayocon

And since I'm a shameless attention whore, I've put pictures of my costumes under the cut. Mechakara, Dr. Insano, and the Joker (I went a little gansta style with my NES light gun there)

Mechakara, Dr. Insano, and the Joker (I went a little gansta style with my NES light gun there

Some of the highlights:
There was a guy that was a working gameboy. It must have been about four feet tall and it played tetris.
When I was in the artist's alley there was someone with a violin that was following around the 10th Doctor while playing the Dr. Who theme.
Running across a group of Ghostbusters and proceeding to break their brains, WITH SCIENCE!
I found another Dr. Insano cosplayer, he was fun to hang out with.
The staff were all pretty nice, even security.
After a random comment triggered a Star Trek quote from me I went on a quest and found FOUR Yagami LIGHTS
Many other things that I can't quite remember.

Now there was one really bad thing. It wasn't as big a problem for me since I was able to simply go home, but for the other gophers it really sucked. There were some issues with the gopher crash space. I had intended on using it so I could spend more time at the con. All of the hotels adjacent to the convention center had filled so the room was in a Holiday Inn Express about 5 min away by car. The hotel was supposed to provide a shuttle back and forth but decided that they weren't going to do that after all, despite this being part of the contract. We ended up waiting around until rather late while the higher ups tried to resolve the situation and since we were sitting around waiting, instead of running around the con or at the rave, we all started crashing.

Eventually we all piled into a couple of personal cars and drove over to the hotel. After I dropped off people I decided that I didn't want to wait for three other people to take a shower before I could do the same and crawl into bed so I went home. Thank science that I'm local since there was also some kind of issue with who the room had been reserved under so they didn't get to check in until much later. Oh, and the shuttle thing still hadn't been resolved. The hotel was trying to charge a fee to use it, again despite a contract to the contrary. Before I left for the convention center I offered to pick up anyone still there since the hotel was more or less on my way.

But, for me, I had a pretty good time overall. I even managed to get reimbursed and free admission for next year's Ohayocon.
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