__kat__ (__kat__) wrote,

Well that only took two weeks to get done

A couple of weeks ago I did an experiment in sleep deprivation. More accurately, I accidentally stayed awake all night watching tv and reading articles on tv tropes, then decided to see how much longer I could stay awake.

I started recording little videos to document my spiral into (deeper) insanity mostly so I could go back later and see for myself just how messed up in the brainpan I had gotten.

I wanted to post it to youtube for laughs but the whole thing ended up being about a half hour long. Combine that will my lack of any real video editing software and... I did manage to work out some overly complicated software cascade so that I could even try to edit the damn thing.

So now, enjoy the nonsensical jumble that is me when I don't sleep for two days.

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