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Rather than making dinner...

I spent about an hour carving a demonic sigil in my forehead. Which means nachos and M&Ms for dinner for me!

mythdude retweeted something that made me legitimately laugh out loud, "If you see a Yellow Sign on the side of the wall that says '15 Miles to the... LoveCRAFT!" (I giggled again while posting this)

if you don't get the joke, I'll explain in the comments

In response to this my muse kicked me in the head. Almost literally even since it decided that my forehead was the perfect canvas for the aforementioned Yellow Sign. You know, maybe it wasn't my muse but actually the King in Yellow that gave me the idea. Give me an "H"! Give me an "A"! Give me an "S"! Giv-
It turns out my forehead makes a good canvas. It also turns out that sculpting wax is a pain in the ass to work with.

I tried adding some runny blood but it pretty much obscured the symbol so I got rid of as much as I could for the final cultist look.

They've been added to my SFX makeup gallery on photobucket.

Side note: It turns out that I had an image removed from the gallery due to terms of service violation. It was the first in the gallery which is used as an icon for the gallery. I'm guessing that someone did a search, got that as a result, got grossed out and/or offended, and reported the image. I actually feel complimented.

What the hell photobucket!? I resized the pictures so they would all be a less ridiculous size! Why are the first two gianormous while the third is the size I wanted all of them to be!? THEY SHOULD ALL BE THE SAME SIZE! (I've been troubleshooting this for the last half hour, hence my frustration)

Apparently photobucket finally resized the photos to what they should be after I gave up trying to fix the problem. Hooray for reasonably sized pictures!
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